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Since 1960, Phasemaster® has been the legendary brand of 3 phase converters.

In 1971, Kay Industries became the primary manufactured of the Phasemaster®. Together, we have worked tirelessly to earn a reputation of quality, service and expert knowledge.


Years Of Experience

Have Questions? +1 (574) 236-6220

Between our team, chat, and AI technology there is 24-7 help available to answer your 3 phase product and field questions. You can also text or call us. Want to email? support@kayind.com

About Phasemaster®

World’s Legendary Rotary Phase Converter Brand.

John Wayne, Michael Jackson, the Ringling Brothers, and Secretariat are just a few of the notable individuals who have trusted and relied on Phasemaster®.

We take pride in offering the same high-quality Phasemaster® products to our valued customers. Join the ranks of these legendary personalities and experience the excellence and reliability that our Phasemaster® products provide.

Other Services

Contract Manufacturing

  • 3PH Rotary / Power Distribution 83% 83%
  • Industrial Power Tools 8% 8%
  • Commercial Electrical Supplies 9% 9%

100% Safe Days

Phasemaster® recently acquired AMG Bolting Solutions out of Delray Beach, Florida.

In addition, to our expertise in rotary phase converters, we now offer industrial power tools and specialized electrical equipment and commercial electric supplies / tools.

We wrote the book on Phase Converters

Kay Industries knows Converters.

When shopping for a 3 Phase Converter, you’ll find many options exist. While most converters work well if properly sized, it’s important to note that there are no industry standards for phase converters. This means you need to ask the right questions to ensure you’re getting the best converter and after sale expertise for your application needs. We’re here to help with all your phase converter needs. Contact us today to find the perfect converter for you.

Model WMA 3 Phase Converter

Wallmount Phase Converter System

Model PI Phasemaster® 3 Phase Converters

3PH Rotary Phase Converters

Model T Phasemaster® 3 Phase Converters

Custom 3 PH Solutions

White-Label and Custom Phase Converters

  • Woodworking 92% 92%
  • Metal Forming 87% 87%
  • Food & Beverage 84% 84%
  • Elevator 67% 67%
  • Confined Space 77% 77%
  • Tight Budget 69% 69%
  • Basic Application 90% 90%
  • 480 volt 93% 93%
  • HVAC 90% 90%
  • Gas & Oil 70% 70%
  • Defense 85% 85%
  • Marine 51% 51%


What Our Clients Say

Kay Industries, has provided us with efficient service that won’t waste your valuable time.  Don’t let the absence of 3 phase power hold you back ask them about Phasemaster® today and experience the difference.

Alan Gross

Lead time are sometimes longer than desired, however, whenever we have a question, or need help solving an issued for one of our customers, Kay Industries is typically our go-to resource.

Melody Friesen

Just like insurance, nobody wants to purchase a phase converter. However, when you find yourself in need of one, there is no better or more reliable resource than Kay Industries. I proudly represent the Phasemaster® line.

Bob Curtis

Reach out to us for a personalized quote today.

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Why Choose Phasemaster®

Phase Converter Repair Services

Whether you are in need of tech support, or your induction generator needs greased bearings, we are here to get your phase converter up and running. From start to finish, we are here for you. Dedicated Tech Support.. (574) 780-7464

Refurbishing Converters

If your rotary phase converter is in need of some TLC, give us a call.

Award Winning Company

Throughout the years, we have been recognized for our expertise.

Friendly Support

We are human, so we do have bad days. Our goal is you never know it.

Experienced Team

Our tribal knowledge and industry experience stretches 3 generations.

No 3 Phase? No Problem! Rotary Phase Converter Manufacturing, Sales, and Service Available Today!

How it works

Manufacture Work process

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Step 01

Size Your Converter

You need more HP and AMPS. It comes down to understanding the application, and its environment.

Step 02

Get a free quote

You can shop on our website, but, we recommend you first call us. We might have a better deal. Yet, more importantly, see step #1.

Step 03

Pay your invoice

Buy online, or Pay your invoice. Once paid, your order is added to the production log.

Step 04

It Ships!

Once your order is ready, shipment information is confirmed, and your receive a notification of shipment.

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