TMA-1B Phasemaster® 7.5hp start

TMA-1B Phasemaster® 7.5hp start


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 Total All-in-One Rotary Phase Converter

The largest motor the TMA-1B will start is a 7.5hp / 23.31 amps / 5.595 kw motor or element

A rotary phase converter kit uses an induction generator (sometimes referred to as an idler) to produce 3 phase power. In addition, the 2 single phase lines are used to energize the induction generator; in turn the induction generator produces the 3rd line of power (voltage). Therefore this 3rd line of power is joined together with the single phase lines to make 3 phase power.

The TMA-1B will run a combination of up to 15hp / 46.63 amps / 11.19 kw of machinery at once.

When more than one motor, if the largest sizes occurs more than once, automatically go up to the next size converter.

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Since 1960, Phasemaster® has been America's legendary phase converter brand.

Our stated horsepower are actual, no need to cut the number in half, or double them. Further, to know the total hp of multiple motors, you multiple by 2. So, do NOT be fooled by low prices elsewhere.

Voltage Balance of +/- 2 - 5 % based on the input, need tighter metrics.

TMA-1B Phasemaster® 7.5hp start. Any questions?

You can download the specification sheet on here, but, if you still have questions, we are here to help.

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