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TMA™ Total All-in-One Rotary Phase Converter

The best engineered, most reliable Rotary Phase Converter you can buy.


Type TMA™ All-in-One Rotary Phase Converter
TMA All-in-one Phasemaster® Rotary Phase Converter

Whether you need to power an air compressor, a woodworking shop, or a laser, you’ll find the Type MMA™ rotary three phase converter up to the task. This CNC balanced total All-in-One rotary phase converter is a reliable source of true three-phase power wherever a steady, reliable 3-phase voltage is needed.

When connected to a 240 or 480 volt 1-phase line (you must specify), the Type TMA™ phase converter produces 3-phase power at its output terminals with each phase shifted 120°.

As a result, you get a CNC balanced near replica of utility 3-phase power at a much more economically price. Plus, we only have a 1kw utility bill, not a 3kw one, which helps the converter pay for itself in the long run.

If you have a business in a leased commercial unit, this model is easier to take with you versus the TMA™ wall-mount Phamsemaster® Rotary Phase Converter.

Use our sizing chart below to determine which Type TMA phase converter is right for your application. Remember, however, that the most important factor in proper sizing is the application for which your motor is used.

The TMA phase converter is available in 3 standard configurations. The TMA, the TMA-A with automatic controls, and the TMA-LSV with digital on/off control buttons.

Kay Industries has been manufacturing our phase converters since 1971. Reliability is important and supported by a 5-year warranty, yet they are commonly found still in service after 20 years. “No. 3 Phase? No. Problem!”

All Kay Industries rotary phase converters can be tailored to meet your specific application needs with a wide range of accessories including.

Automatic controls enable remote monitoring of unattended or cyclical applications.
Built-in digital on/off controls.
Surge protectors safeguard converters from lightning or other surges.
Transformers handle special voltage requirements
Outdoor enclosures provide maximum weather protection in severe environments.

Phasemaster™ Total All-in-One TMA rotary phase converter products do NOT just exceeds industry performance standards, we set them; powering sensitive modern CNC and traditional three-phase equipment. Our patented designed line of rotary phase converters for sale go further with efficient removable back plates, built-in motor starter, digital start protection, soft start, and full three-line break; all with simple installation.

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Connection Diagrams

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Quick Sizing Chart for Type TMA Wall Mounted  Rotary Phase Converters 






Single HP Total Amps Total kVA Total kW Spindle HP All-in-one Phase Converter Model
4.66 2.69 3 1.5 4 1.6 1.1 1.5 TSD-60
6.22 3.59 4 2 7 2.9 1.7 2.5 TMA-00
9.33 5.38 6 3 11 4.5 2.2 3 TMA-0
15.54 8.97 10 5 15 6 3.7 5 TMA-1
23.31 13.46 15 7.5 20 8 5.6 7.5 TMA-1B
31.08 17.95 20 10 25 11 7.7 10 TMA-2
62.17 35.89 40 20 37 15 11.8 15 TMA-3
77.71 44.87 50 25 50 21 15.5 20 TMA-4
93.25 53.84 60 30 61 25 21.5 25 TMA-5
MA-6 124.3 71.79 80 40 72 30 26.5 30 TMA-6
MA-7 155.4 89.73 100 50 100 41 29.6 40 TMA-4x2
MA-8 186.5 107.7 120 60 122 50 37.3 50 TMA-5×2
Call for larger sizes (574) 236 –
Phasemaster® employee shows off converter panel

Best Applications:

Mills, Lathes, Dough Mixers, Table saws, typical motors, resistive and inductive loads.

Look at our application guide below find out which model is best for your application, take a look at the product literature, or contact us for assistance. If you have an outdoor application, consider the WPI, TPI, or CPI phase converter model.