Sizing & Selection Tables


Sizing and Selection- Customized converters

How to Select Custom Phase Converters

We want you to be entirely happy with your Phasemaster® rotary phase converter from Kay Industries. That’s why we collaborate with you to find the best phase converter for your needs.

Follow these methods to choose the most effective phase converter for your utilization:

1. Obtain Information. A few fundamental pieces of information are required to choose the best phase converter. Once you’ve completed the sizing and selection worksheet, you’ll have all the information you need to ensure your pleasure.

NOTE: Once you have finished the worksheet, please let us handle the rest. Send it online or by fax to (574) 289-5932. We will contact you with our recommendation within 1-2 business days.

2. Browse the Application Guide to determine the best Phasemaster Rotary phase converter model for your application.

3. Choose the appropriate conversion size from our sizing tables.

4. Determine if extra accessories, such as weatherproof enclosures, lightning protection, and transformers, are required for your application.

If you have any questions, please email us or call 574-236-6220 to speak with one of our application engineering consultants.

How to Use Sizing and Selection Tables

A phase converter is rated in two ways. The first and most essential rating is the maximum number of motor horsepower that the converter can start. This might be a single motor or a group of motors. Starting one 10 HP motor, for example, is the same as starting two 5 HP motors at the same time. In this scenario, a 10 HP converter is appropriate.

The second rating is the Maximum or Total HP, which functions concurrently but does not begin simultaneously. A Type MA Phasemaster® converter can typically run three times as many HP as it can start. A 15 HP, 10 HP, and 5 HP motor (for a total of 30 HP) that start individually but run simultaneously might be powered by a 15HP converter. The greatest motor that can be started is 15HP, and the maximum load is 45HP.

If your loads begin at the same time, never add your total operational HP for sizing considerations. If the total HP working at the same time exceeds the Maximum HP capability of that converter, upgrade to a larger model.

If you have any questions, please email us or call 574-236-6220 to speak with one of our application engineering consultants.


Model no. Largest HP Max HP



W H Wt.
SD- 60 1.5 3 10 11 12 64
MA- 00 2 6 10 12 14 89
MA-0 3 9 11 12 14 108
MA-1 5 15 14 14 17 204
MA-1B 7.5 22 16 17 20 261
MA-2 10 30 18 17 22 307
MA-3 15 45 20 18 26 419
MA-4 20 60 21 21 28 423
MA-5 25 75 22 21 28 487
MA-6 30 90 23 23 30 622
MA-7 40 120 24 23 30 768
MA-8 50 150 25 27 34 885
MA- 9 60 180 27 27 34 923