240-480Y/277 Volt 3 Phase Transformers

240-480Y/277 Volt 3 Phase Transformers


• Energy Efficient 240-480Y/277 Volt 3 Phase Transformer
• UL & CUL Listed / CSA Approved
• Delta Primary to Delta Secondary
• Conduit knockouts for easy installation
• Vibration Dampening System
• Rugged Enclosures
• UL Listed 130 (3-9kVA) & 220 (15-75kVA) Degree C Insulation System
• Reverse Feed optional
• Front accessible large wiring compartments
• 277/480v to 120/240v transformer built and tested to applicable Industry Standards of ANSI, NEMA, and IEEE

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The controller is adjusted at the factory but may require additional fine adjustment to function properly in various loads and input voltage conditions.