3-Phase 240V Delta – 480 Y 277 (Step Up Transformer)

3-Phase 240V Delta – 480 Y 277 (Step Up Transformer)


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This transformer is designed to convert 3-phase 240v to 3-phase 480 Y 277 to run equipment such as panels, motors, CNC machines, welders, conveyor systems, pumps, printing equipment, fabrication tools, and other business machines.

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Primary Voltage: 240 Delta
Secondary Voltage: 480 Y 277

60 Hz Frequency
150°C Temperature Rise
Primary Adjustment Taps 2 above, 4 below in 2.5% increments
High Efficiency Aluminum Windings
220°C Insulation Class
Vacuum pressure Impregnated Windings
Energy Efficient
Wall Mountable up to 75kVA


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